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Please note that Renee is not accepting new clients at this time


You have already done some of the work to get going on your therapy journey by looking at different options! To begin working with me, start by reaching out via email or phone (call or text), or by filling out the contact form here. We will first have a phone call to determine if I am the right fit for your primary concern(s). That phone call is always free. If we agree that it would be worth meeting for an initial session, we will book that either in-person or virtually (phone or video). There, we will get to know each other a bit better and I will collect some background information about you to help me understand who you are. We will also review my policies, such as confidentiality, missed appointments, and fees. If we agree at this point that working together makes sense, we will then book your next session and go from there.

At these initial appointments, we collaboratively decide on goals for treatment--what would you like to be different in your life? Periodically throughout our work together, we will check in about progress towards these goals, either through conversation together, standardized forms, or both.


My standard fee, beginning January 2023, for a one-hour (45-60 minute) session is $200. If you have benefits that cover psychological services, you may submit the invoice or receipt provided at the end of your session for reimbursement. Should this fee be unmanageable for you now or in the future, I do offer limited sliding scale sessions, meaning that we may be able to come to an arrangement for a lower fee.

In effort to balance a desire to offer anti-oppressive and accessible services with my need to earn money in our capitalist system, I have a set number of lower fee appointments and prioritize those who hold identities oppressed by the systems in power (namely, racialized, queer, and/or trans individuals with financial burden and sex workers).


While almost anyone can claim to be a mental health expert or a therapist, the term "psychologist" is protected--that means that only those people with the appropriate training and experience can call themselves a psychologist. I am a Registered Doctoral Psychologist with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists, meaning that I have been through rigorous training and certification and I am legally and morally obligated to abide by the ethics and standards of practice set out by the College. I personally do my best to match or go above and beyond these standards.


There are a few ways that I work to ensure that any information you share with me is confidential and honours your privacy. All of my devices, including my laptop and cell phone, have software and extensions that protect any digital information as well as passcodes that only I know. The Jane website, which I use to schedule and store session notes, "is encrypted using 256 bit encryption (in the same way as your banking information would be)." Due to the increased online nature of my work beginning in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have also purchased extra liability insurance as a professional to protect digital information and respond to data breaches. Finally, I use a VPN whenever I am not on my own personal Wi-Fi network.

I will never share information that you have entrusted to me without your consent, except in particular situations in which I may be legally obligated to do so. As you may or may not know, there are some limits to confidentiality when working with a professional such as myself. These limits mean that if I learn that someone is at significant risk of harming themself or someone else, if I learn about ongoing abuse of vulnerable person(s), of if a court subpoenas my records, I may need to share information.

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