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Please note that Renee is not accepting new clients at this time


If you are seeking to improve your well-being and develop more effective coping strategies, I am here to support and guide that journey. Through evidence-based, relational techniques, I will work with you to identify, explore, and work through stuck points in your life to create the life you want to live.

I have experience working with:

  • People who have experienced trauma (of all kinds, including survivors of sexualized violence)

  • People who have difficulties with mood dysregulation, including depression and anxiety symptoms

  • Sexual and gender minorities, including 2SLGBTQ, kinky, and polyamorous folks

  • People with symptoms of psychosis

  • Adults of all ages, including older adults

  • People with sexual behaviours that seem out-of-control

  • People who have been or are currently sex workers


Identity exploration may be its own therapy goal, or it may come up at any point during therapy for other reasons. Whether you are just feeling pulled to seek support in exploring yourself further, or the work we do together leads you there, exploring identity can be beneficial. For those who are in transition in life in the many ways it may look, I offer space to explore the multifaceted nature of change. We may process grief and loss, celebrate new beginnings, make space for anger, identify areas of continued growth and sift around in what may be exciting and scary possibilities.

Some transitions that I am here to explore:

  • The beginning or end of a relationship

  • A career change

  • An exploration of social position (such as racial identity, sexual orientation, or gender identity)

  • Changes associated with aging, bodily changes, or health status


As a mental health professional, I have offered consultation to various groups on developing and maintaining mental well-being. I also have a Master's of Education Degree in Human Sexuality Studies and have experience offering sexuality workshops of various kinds. 

Examples of workshops I have led:

  • Well-Being in the Time of COVID-19

  • Working with Sex Workers as a Psychologist

  • Non-Monogamy in Our Clients

  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity for Clinicians

  • Developing Healthy Boundaries

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